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Roll out the Demons

Pints Alehouse is putting on one of its biggest big-beer events ever this weekend. An Avery barrel-aged bash Friday and Saturday starting at 3 p.m. will feature at least 14 ...

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Spokane is Reading

Designed to encourage reading in the community, this year’s book is “The Tsar of Love and Techno” by Anthony Marra.

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A single movie opening? No need to despair

Since Friday's movie opening — and, yes, that is a singular usage — is a Dan Brown/Ron Howard extravaganza, let's take ...

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Ben Cartwright cooks up some poetry tonight

Like most every other kind of art in the world, poetry is an acquired taste. This may seem obvious, but is it? ...

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Indigo Girls know how to carry a show

Above: The Indigo Girls performed Saturday night with the Spokane Symphony. Showmanship is a skill that separates the best musicians from ...

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Pheasants released on new Idaho youth hunting area

HUNTING — About 925 acres has been acquired near Potlatch, Idaho, for youth hunters to pursue pen-raised pheasants released by ...

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