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New digs for the Dog

An older Laughing Dog – 11 years now, to be precise – is still learning some new tricks. The Sandpoint-area brewery recently moved operations to 805 Schweitzer Plaza Drive in ...

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Register for One Day University

Sept. 24: Spend a fascinating day with four award-winning professors and experience thought-provoking talks and countless engaging ideas.

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‘Closed Mondays’ is grandfather to ‘Kubo and the Two Strings’

In researching the background of the Portland-based film production company Laika, I stumbled onto a story about Will Vinton, the ...

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Throw out those antacid tablets

Have a problem with your stomach? Do you pound the Tums to quell the pains in your tummy? Well, Leslie Kelly ...

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Go for a ‘Joyride’ tonight at Auntie’s

Travis Naught describes himself as "a quadriplegic wheelchair user" and "a free thinker." He's also an author and poet, and ...

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Indie rock showcase Bartfest canceled

Bartfest, the Bartlett’s annual music festival that was scheduled for the first weekend of October, has been canceled. The venue’s ...

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Six wolves from Profanity Peak Pack killed by state gunners so far

ENDANGERED SPECIES — State workers have killed six wolves so far in an effort to eliminate the cattle-killing Profanity Peak ...

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C.J. Dimry dominates first Thursday Night Football of 2016

At 6-foot-5, 201-pounds wide receiver C.J. Dimry presents a matchup issue for almost any defensive back. So what chance do ...

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