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Six down for Twelve String

If all goes as planned, Sunday will mark Twelve String’s last anniversary at its current location.

The Spokane Valley brewery is preparing to move to larger quarters nearby on First Avenue just west of Pines Road. But in the meantime, it has a party to throw to celebrate its sixth year of operation.

This year’s anniversary beer is an imperial stout aged for about eight months in tequila barrels. At 9.7 percent alcohol by volume, it’s a bit bigger than the brewery’s regular Double Drop D.

“These were the nicest tequila barrels I’ve ever gotten,” says Twelve String’s Terry Hackler, who has experimented with all sorts of barrel-aged beers. “The tequila flavor is really smooth.”

There again will be free sliders and sides from O’Doherty’s BBQ catering. Doors will open an hour earlier than usual, at 11 a.m., with the party continuing until 5.

“We always have people lined up to get in, and we’re going to be here anyway,” Hackler says.

He’s considering monthly events on Sundays, when the taproom is usually closed, with the next one likely on Jan. 28. A spring version of the annual fall BarrelFest also is in the works.

Around that time, Hackler is hoping to be moving to the new location, which will eventually include a kitchen along with the expanded taproom and brewery.

The former contractor is doing the remodel himself. With a new roof on the building, he now can work on the inside over the winter as well as the outside, as conditions allow.

“I’m making a lot of progress,” Hackler says. “We’re still hoping for late spring or so to at least have a basic taproom open. It’s all about time and money and now weather. I’m just plugging away.”

The time crunch has been eased by the midyear hiring of a head brewer, Kevin Pierce, who spent 17 years at Anacortes Brewing. His first solo creation, the Tremolo Scotch Ale, has been a big seller.

“He’s probably doing 99 percent of the brewhouse side now, which is great for me,” Hackler says.