Recreate your Memories at Silverwood Theme Park

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Over the course of nearly three decades, hundred of thousands of photos have been taken at Silverwood Theme Park.

Whether they were on film, Polaroids, or mobile devices, there have been all sorts of special memories captured and preserved.

This summer, the park and The Spokesman-Review are inviting park guests to take special photos of themselves and their family members enjoying everywhere and anywhere in the park.

After the park closes for the season, we’ll pick our favorite and award the photo-taker with a two-pack of day passes, which can either be used anytime in the 2018 season.

To make the contest even more entertaining, we’re encouraging people to re-enact a past photo taken at the park this year.

For instance, if you took a great family photo in front of Main Street 20 years ago, take it again with the same people or even the same poses.

Or if your family has expanded since then, show how it’s grown: instead of Mom, Dad and Junior eating ice cream, show Mom, Dad, Junior and Junior’s kids all having ice cream in the same spot.

Though historical photos are fun, it doesn’t have to be that far back in time either – we’ll be OK with someone re-enacting a shot they took last year.

Photos can be sent anytime between now and Sunday, Sept. 24. If you’re submitting a historical re-enactment, send along the original photo for comparison purposes.

The park also will consider using some of these in its promotions for its 2018 anniversary season, provided the sender provides this permission when they submit.

Photos can be emailed to, uploaded to or mailed to The Spokesman-Review/ATTN Silverwood Photo Contest.”

Complete rules can be found at