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Catch Linklater’s ‘Slacker’ at 1 today at The MAC

As more than one of my film-fan friends has pointed out over the years, Richard Linklater is a terrific filmmaker.

Since his early days in the mid-'80s, Linklater has worked on both mainstream and determinedly independent movie projects, from "Dazed and Confused" to a "Bad News Bears" remake, from his "Before" trilogy — "Before Sunrise," "Before Sunset" and "Before "Midnight" — to the Jack Black comedy "School of Rock."

Don't forget his forays into experimental film, "A Scanner Darkly" and "Waking Life," his true-crime study "Bernie" and, of course, the years-in-the-making project "Boyhood."

It all truly started, though, in 1990 with a little film called "Slacker," of which Owen Gleiberman said, "The movie never loses its affectionate, shaggy-dog sense of America as a place in which people, by now, have almost too much freedom on their hands."

You'll get a chance to see "Slacker" at 1 today at the Northwest Museum of Arts and Culture. According to host Shaun O'l Higgins, the screening is part of a film series "examining changing American values in the last three decades of the 20th century."

Admission is $7. Feel free to bring you own food and drinks, though refreshments are available at the MAC Cafe.