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Friday’s openings: Action, terror, teens and dads

Looks as if Friday will offer another range of movie delights for local fans. The national movie release schedule is as follows:

"7 Days in Entebbe": A retelling of the 1976 hijacking that ended in an Israeli commando raid on the Ugandan airport. Guns, guns, guns.

"Tomb Raider": Another Oscar winner, this time Alicia Vikander, takes over the role of the video-game heroine who attempts to reveal the mystery that her father worked hard to solve. Filling the coffers of the college fund.

"Love, Simon": A popular teen boy harbors a secret. Not a Lifetime Channel movie from the 1980s.

"I Can Only Imagine": A movie about a song, namely the Christian tune of the same title, that unveils the source of author Bart Millard's relationship with this father.

As always, I'll update when the local theaters finalize their schedules.