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Friday’s openings redux: the things we leave behind

And here's the first update to Friday's list of opening movies:

"Nostalgia": A group of characters, all enduring loss of one sort or another, experience the meaning of life through the objects that humans tend to collect. The cast includes Jon Hamm, Catherine Keener, Bruce Dern, Ellen Burstyn, Nick Offerman, Amber Tamblyn and James Le Gros.

The film is receiving distinctly mixed reviews, a few of which are:

Dennis Harvey, Variety: "There’s no disputing the sincerity of intent, yet there’s also only so much emotion that can communicate itself effectively to an audience when one note is hit over and over again, with little backstory or tonal variation to heighten that note’s impact."

Mark Kennedy, Associated Press: " 'Nostalgia' is not a perfect film but it is moving and sensitive. You leave with your head in the clouds and a new view of your precious stuff."

Alan Scherstuhl, Village Voice: "An episodic ensemble drama organized around the logic of theme rather than of traditional narrative, the film concerns above all else accumulation and dispersal, in the American vein."

Bring hankies … if not antidepressants.