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They taste even better than they look

Further notes on our trek through southern Italy:

It occurred to me that a photo of pizza might be more tantalizing to American tastes than one of pasta, no matter how delicious. So I decided to post a photo of the pizzette from Trieste, the sea-side Pescara pizza place that I wrote about in the post immediately below. Included in this bunch were two margheritas, one gran formaggio and one with potatoes and olives.

Part of the Trieste secret, of course, is the size of the slices — each of which is barely more than a single slice of your typical American pizza. That smaller size allows each slice to be toasted perfectly, holding it's shape even when you fold it over and hold it between sheets of parchment-like paper (as we watched other diners do).

And since we paid less than $20 for four slices, a Coke zero, a Nastro Azzuro beer and a large bottle of carbonated mineral water, we felt as if we got a real deal. Call it dining, Italian-style.