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Let’s hope they come up with an ‘Incredibles’ story

Among the animated films that have been released over the past several years, "The Incredibles" ranks among my favorites. The blend of family sitcom and superhero flick, all set to a theme of forced retirement and extraordinary people forced to deal with ordinary problems of existence, was handled with humor and a whole lot of wit.

Now comes word that a sequel to "The Incredibles" has been green lighted. Brad Bird, writer-director of the 2004 original film, is reportedly the guy writing the screenplay (Bird directed the forthcoming "Tomorrowland").

Given the lackluster success of so many other animated sequels (anyone really like "Cars 2," not to mention all those straight-to-video films?), the announcement of a second "Incredibles" film might not mean much. But one can always hope. After all, the three "Toy Story" movies were pretty good.

And "Toy Story 2" might be my favorite.