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Friday’s openings: Down in the Valli

From Clint Eastwood directing a Broadway musical to sci-fi mystery to Australian noir, the coming week has some interesting mainstream offerings. Friday's movie openings are as follows:

"Jersey Boys": The surprising thing here is that Eastwood was tapped to direct. Otherwise, everything about this dramatized story of the rise of the '60s-era singing group The Four Seasons seems like a fairly standard date-night flick. So take your candy girl and walk like a man to the box office.

"Think Like a Man Too": The sequel to 2012's "Think Like a Man" brings the whole cast back for a Las Vegas wedding. Two words: Kevin Hart.

"The Signal": Three college student stumble onto an isolated area in the U.S. Southwest and, suddenly, one finds himself in a waking nightmare. Where are Mulder and Scully when we need them?

"The Rover": The Australian Outback makes the perfect backdrop in which to explores tales of societal collapse (anyone remember "Mad Max"?). This David Michod ("Animal Kingdom") film features Guy Pearce as a man bent on retrieving something he lost to thieves. Oh, and don't forget that "Twilight" guy, too.

And at the Magic Lantern:

"Lucky Them": Toni Collette stars as a jaded journalist in search of a former rock star (and former boyfriend). She's aided by a character played by Thomas Haden Churh, which should prove amusing.