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Save lives: Don’t race to the movies

So, school is back in session for most area schools. Which means that I have to pay serious attention to those 20 mph speed-limit signs that mark school zones.

It also means that there'll be more seats available at those matinee screenings at my favorite movie theaters (not that the matinees were all that full over the summer).

So I should have no problem getting in to see "Riddick" when it opens on Friday (8 p.m. screenings on Thursday) in the mainstream theaters; the film will play in both 2D and 3D, and in IMAX. formats. (AMC was initially scheduled also to open "Salinger," a documentary on the late writer J.D. Salinger, but it was postponed.)

The Magic Lantern is, as usual, featuring a varied lineup. Spokane's independently owned art house opens the documentary "Cutie and the Boxer" and the Austrian film "Museum Hours." The Lantern will continue to screen "Blackfish," "Prince Avalanche," "20 Feet From Stardom," "Fruitvale Station," "The Kings of Summer" and "Unfinished Song."

First, though, gotta catch me some Vin Diesel. I'll try my best not to endanger lives while driving to the theater, which — if you think about it — is ironic considering Diesel's "Fast and Furious" film series.

Late breaking news: Seems along with "Riddick," AMC will be opening the Mexican-made film "Instructions Not Included" on Friday. The relationship comedy is perfect for dual-language types as it's rendered in both Spanish and English.