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Hot coffee? Check your opinions at the door

Most everyone has heard the story about the woman who sued McDonald's because the coffee she bought there was too hot. The big news, which spread all over the world, was that a jury agreed with her and ended up awarding her $2.7 million in damages. It was one of those stories that progressed from a simple news story to urban legend, which is where — after nearly 20 years — it remains.

And this is despite the fact that newspapers such as the Wall Street Journal and New York Times, and filmmakers such as Susan Saladoff (director of the documentary "Hot Coffee"), tried to give the larger story.

Well, the New York Times has done the story again. In a 12-minute video report (see embed below), it outlines the whole story, and it corrects the misperception that many people have. So if you think you know the truth, you might want to check the video out. It's always better to learn the facts, even if they conflict with your opinions.