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New Zealand is a country of international cuisine

My New Zealand friend Delaney Mes just wrote a blog post about bagels. The fact that she refers to the New Zealand chef Al Brown, whose take on bagels leans more toward "Montreal style" instead of those made famous in New York is hardly a problem. Yeah, New Zealand is a 14-hour plane trip from Spokane, but the idea that Delaney is writing about is universal.

Take what Brown calls The Weinberg, which is a bagel covered with slow-roasted vine tomatoes, mozzarella, arugula and basil, and lemon and oregano oil. As Delaney describes it, "it's like a cross between a really good pizza and an insalata caprese and it's absolutely the tits."

Gonna have to try to make this at home. How can your resist something that's "absolutely the tits"?