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Sunday Funday

You know how sometimes you get a little restless on Sunday nights and you're like, well, I could stay in and do some laundry or I could pull on some pants and see what's up out there in this fine city? After last night's random saunter into the Blue Spark, I'm going to encourage you to go with Option 2. 

A couple of friends called to see what I was up to and we decided to head downtown to see if there was anything going on. Honestly, at 10 on a holiday weekend, we weren't expecting much. But there they were, a bunch of musicians milling about with guitars of all shapes and sizes, voices and styles of all kinds, just waiting to get up on stage and show us what they're working with. 

Plus, Sunday = Happy Hour!

Let's see here: Clean clothes vs. unexpected fabulousness? Exactly. No contest.