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Better to eat the food than photograph it

I've made this point before: Photographing food and making it look delicious is no easy feat. I used to listen to the photographers I worked with at The Spokesman-Review moan about doing it.

That's why I don't have a photograph of the Creole Salmon Caesar salad that I ate at Picabu Bistro the other night. I just couldn't make it look as tasty as it was. Also, couldn't find a decent angle to photograph the place to make it look inviting (it does, after all, sit in the corner of a Rosauers parking lot).

So, instead, I decided just to shoot the front door. That way I could get right to the important stuff: the hours the place is open. Bit of advice: Avoid those 12-hour grocery-story sales days. Otherwise, you'll find plenty of parking.