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R.I.P. memories of the Perry Street Cafe

One of the bits of area restaurant news that hit while I was out of the country involves the Perry Street Cafe. Seems the place closed. That came as a surprise to those of us who, for years, ate breakfast there on Saturday mornings and — if we arrived a minute past 8:30 a.m. — struggled to find an open table.

And I did eat there. For years. A number of men and I were in what began, a couple of decades ago, as a running group. It evolved into a walking group, then limping group — and then we just met for breakast. We stopped going to Perry Street when a couple of the group members died and the place became associated with too many painful memories. So it goes.

While we ate there, though, we always found the help competent and friendly. They'd even substitute things on the menu — sliced tomatoes, for exampe, in place of hashbrowns — something that most eateries resist doing. And other than the taste of the coffee (which to me always tasted like they strained it through a sock), I enjoyed whatever I ordered.

According to Leah Sottile of the Pacific Northwest Inlander, owner Debbie White is still operating her other cafe in Cheney. I wish her good luck. The South Perry site provided some meaningful mornings for me.

I just hope they're serving some better coffee.