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I can’t believe this was my first time!

Good god. Where have I been all this time? Last week we were looking for something to eat. We were craving Asian,so we headed out to our local fave — Ding How in Liberty Lake. Guess what? They're closed in February. 

So we drove around, decided we weren't settling for deep-fried heavily battered run-of-the-mill Chinese, and drove around some more. Eventually we ended up on the hill, and then it was only a matter of time until I poked my finger into the air (Eureka!) and said, "Wait a minute. What about Ginger?"

What. About. Ginger? Oh, my heavenly days. It's delightful. Truly. The place is sleek and cozy (and if you're lucky you'll be seated with a glorious view of the cathedral). The service is friendly and just fast enough (you won't starve while waiting, and you won't feel like they're trying to scoot you out the door). The food is fresh, light and tasty — and the portions are ridiculous; from the leftovers we had two more dinners and a lunch, seriously. And what about the presentation? Sooooo pretty! 

I can't remember the exact names of what we ordered, but I know we did some sushi (ok, actually I watched the sushi go down the hatch while I chowed on dumplings), some teriyaki-ish beef with about 17 full cloves of garlic, and something with chicken, cashews and peppers. So. Good. Every last bite. 

You'll find Ginger Asian Bistro at 1228 S. Grand Blvd.