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Cuoco offers a true taste of Italia

If you love Italian food, then your next trip to Seattle just might provide you with what you want. On Friday night we dropped into Cuoco, which is located in a refurbished area they're now calling South Lake Union.

The dish above is ravioli, something I rarely order. But it featured beef and cheese and bread-crumb coating, along with a bit of kale, which I've just recently developed a taste for. And, yow, it was divine. So were the roasted brussells sprouts, something else, until recently, I wouldn't have eaten with my cat's mouth. But Cuoco makes them taste like nut candy.

Yeah, three other dishes arrived. And a variety of appetizers. But my ravioli was the hit. It was the match of anything I ate the last time I was in Rome, including several dishes of that Roman specialty pasta cacio e pepe.

The passes over the Cascades are still a bit chancy. But when it feels safe, check Cuoco out. E un ristorante di cibo molto delizoso.