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Be good and do good for Valentine’s Day


We live in an era of multi-tasking. You know, the era of doing a number of activities at once, often while chewing gum or even posting on Facebook.

But multi-tasking, especially for guys, becomes all-important when we approach Hallmark holidays such as Valentine's Day. Whatever else you do, those cards, candy and/or flowers must be received by that loved one sometime during the day of Feb. 14.

Which is why it's nice to note that a way exists both to send sweet treats to your special Valentine while helping to feed local seniors in need. You can accomplish both tasks by sending a $25 Cinn-a-gram, which includes two "heavenly" Cinnabons, a coffee mug, ready-to-brew gourmet coffee, Coeur d'Alene Chocolates, a handmade napkin, a special message from you, plus a few other goodies.

Cinn-a-grams will be hand delivered by local volunteers on Feb. 14th, which takes most of the work out of the task. You just have to remember. And you can start the process by clicking here or by calling (509) 232-0864.

The deadline is Monday, Feb. 11. Get to it.