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Climb the Bean Stalk to get your day started

It was foggy this morning as I drove the streets of Spokane, looking for a new place to get my coffee fix. I saw the sign for The Bean Stalk Espresso Co., which sits at 1621 W. Mansfield — between Maple and Ash — decided to stop, and am glad that I did.

Not only was owner Ashley Loomis (in the photo above) friendly, she understood instantly what I wanted: a double-shot americano with cream and extra room (meaning about 14 ounces instead of the regular 16) and double-cupped.

"We do all of them," Loomis said, referring to the extra cup. "They get hot."

But not too hot to drink right away. And it was delicious. Just the thing to get started this Friday morning. Cleared the fog right out of my mind — if not off the streets.