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Fine wine time at the Bistro on Spruce

This part of the Inland Northwest awoke this morning to an end to the spring weather we'd enjoyed for the past half week or so. So much for the temporary respite from that trademark Northwest winter.

But on Thursday, after enjoying a round of golf earlier in the day, I had a business meeting in Coeur d'Alene. And after the enjoyable drive, I loved being able to sit out in the spring air and enjoy an entree salad and a glass of cava at the Bistro on Spruce.

The meeting last past 7, so we were too late for the Tapas Menu, which is something I'd enjoyed a few years ago during a short stay in Buenos Aires. But dinner was just fine, especially since I was able to order a Caesar Salad with grilled chicken. And wash it down with a cold glass of cava, something I developed a taste for during a visit to Spain.

So if the warm weather does return — to be fair, I should write "when" — you might want to check out the Bistro on Spruce. In fact, check it out anyway whatever the weather. I didn't step inside, but the photos make the bistro's interior look fairly cozy.

And cozy, of course, is a Northwest byword.