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A clown walks into a bar …

Because I am super good at oversharing, I'll assume you're already familiar with my abhorrence of clowns. I'll assume you know that clowns are, since the day I saw Poltergeist at the North Division Cinema, the stuff of my nightmares. 

So when this clown walked up to the bar and stood next to me I'll assume you understand my gut reaction to punch him in the throat. But when this clown looked at me and said, in a totally non-scary voice, "You're afraid of me, aren't you?" I decided to growl at him instead of answering, "Hell yes I am." And just like that, I wasn't afraid of clowns for a little while. By a little while I mean long enough to take this picture. 

Because as we all know, legions of this guy's friends live under our beds and in our neighborhood sewer system. And with that pleasant thought, I wish you a very Happy Halloween.