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Even the fog can’t hide NZ beauty

No, that's not a painting above. But it could be. It was the first sight that my wife and I had of New Zealand during a holiday cruise that saw us return to Spokane on Christmas Eve. I know this blog is intended to cover things that happen locally. But, then, many local people take vacations … and some even go on cruises during the Chrstimas holidays. So I am going to, as I have in a few posts below, share some of the trip highlights here.

Maybe some of what I have to say will inspire readers to take the same kind of trip-of-a-lifetime.

The photo is of Milford Sound. Our cruise ship, the Solstice, sailed into the sound at about 7 a.m. But the fog never really did lift. We were supposed to visit three sounds that first day - Milford, Dusky and Doubtful - but we made only two (Doubtful was out) because of weather.

No problem. New Zealand has much more to offer than a mere rugged, fog-shrouded coast.