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You can eat as well in Sydney as in Paris

One question people ask is, "What do they eat in Australia?" Well, if our experience so far is any indication, I'd say what Aussies eat is far less important than how they eat. Because so far we've eaten pretty well.

On our first day, we walked around the harbour area, the part known as Circular Quay (pronounced kay). And we ended up at a place called, aptly, The Bar at the End of the Wharf. That's our order in the photo above, which included a Moroccan Chicken Salad , Mint Pea Soup, Roasted Lamb, a glass of shiraz and a pale ale. It was all tasty and far from, fish and chips or boiled mutton.

Then last night, we ate at the upscale eatery Aria, where I had a mixed green salad and a superbly grilled sirloin steak, while my wife had a feta and cos (romaine) salad and grilled grouper. I had a Tasmainan beer, while MP had a glass of pinot. We may have to take a another mortgage to pay for it - not kidding - but everything from the greeting to the serving to the taste of the food was first rate.

Paris should show such quality.