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Carbo loading … such a heavy burden to bear

I recently read that the night-before “carbo load” just isn’t enough … and, actually, isn’t a such a great idea because all that pasta and sauce and salad and bread pack your digestive tract and, well, all good things must come to an end. As if running up Doomsday wasn’t torturous enough … imagine running up Doomsday with the runs.


To remedy this, some sources suggest upping the carb intake of your diet to 70% the week prior to an endurance race. Granted, for most of us, Bloomsday is less a “race” and more a social experience, but I see no reason to ignore the suggested increase in carbs.


I started my load last night, after a hill-acious Flying Irish run, with Clinkerdagger’s 3 Potato. Three glorious little dishes packed with potatoes, three ways. Sweet potato fries. House-made potato chips. French fries.


Surely this dish is meant to be shared with a table. But I was beveraging with pals who’d just come from Queen of Sheba and simply didn’t have room in their bellies to help me out. So I polished off the entire dish myself.


Probably, I could stop eating now and still have an ample store of carbohydrates coursing through my system on Sunday morning. But you know me better than that. 

clinks friEs

You'll find Clinkerdagger's in the Flour Mill. Queen of Sheba is just across the hall.

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