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MHz Choice to feature new ‘Montalbano’ episodes

I've had the great, good fortune to be able to visit Italy a few times. Pre-COVID-19, of course.

In fact, if it weren't for the current health crisis, I'd would probably be there right now, walking the streets of Florence, drinking the world's best coffee and enjoying the occasional plate of pasta all'olio.

Which is one reason why I'm willing to pay for a subscription to the streaming service MHz Choice. For a mere $7.99 a month (following a 30-day free trial), I get access to a range of international programming.

One recent series my wife and I have been enjoying is a joint German-Austrian production titled "Murder by the Lake" (which is also available through Amazon Prime). Set over two seasons, it follows a team of homicide investigators living and working on the shore of Lake Constance, which is where Germany, Switzerland and Austria adjoin.

But the series I'm most excited about is the addition to "Detective Montalbano" (also called "Inspector Montalbano"). The series, of which friends of ours own the complete collection of DVDs, is set in Sicily and stars Luca Zingaretti as the gruff Comissario Salvo Montalbano — who investigates crimes on Sicily's southern coast.

Episodes 35 and 36, which as with all the others are based on the novels of the late Andrea Camilleri, are supposed to be released on May 19.

To which I can only say, che fortuna per noi.