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Stay home, wash hands, stay safe, watch TV

There are, of course, many ways to respond to a crisis. Even a health crisis such as the one that's being caused by COVID-19, better known as the Coronavirus.

And as one popular meme being shared across social media says, our ancestors were called to war to save lives, while we're being called to sit on the couch to save theirs. Surely we can do that.

Such a meme is an example of one way that I tend to respond to life in general, much less a crisis. I resort to "M*A*S*H" humor.

Which is what I'm inclined to do now that so many resources that we all take for granted have been shuttered, at least temporarily. Restaurants, concert venues and — hardest for me, personally — movie theaters.

Of course, the fact that I can't see a movie in a theater is far worse for the theater, and the employees who work there, than it is for me. I can, and will, opt for watching movies at home courtesy of whatever streaming service I can afford.

Not that I'll be able to see all of the most recent movies, some of which — the Bond film "No Time to Die" comes to mind — have been postponed until the fall. Still, some of the movies just released will be made available for streaming, so there's that.

So, until the movie theaters reopen, and assuming life returns to some semblance of normal, I will join much of the rest of humanity and wait for whatever comes next.

And in between washing my hands, and making the occasional trip to the grocery store, I'll watch what I can on my big-screen TV.

My latest viewing experience: "The Valhalla Murders" on Netflix. It's a limited series about Icelandic revenge killings.

Just the thing for fans of dark humor.