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Friday’s openings: Teens in troubled love

Three different kinds of movies are set to grace the area's theaters come Friday, though at least two are bound to appeal to a younger audience. According to the national movie-release schedule, Friday's openings are:

"Wonder Park": A young girl rediscovers her imagination, and as a result she is catapulted into a struggle to save a fantastical amusement park. Move over, Walt Disney.

"Five Feet Apart": Required to retain a safe distance because of their respective life-threatening diseases, two young teens nevertheless fall in love and … well, you can imagine the rest.

"Captive State": When an alien force take over Earth, humankind splits into two groups — those who collaborate and those who resist. Guess who we're supposed to sympathize with?

And at the Magic Lantern (besides a second-run opening of "Arctic"):

"Climax": When a group of French dancers embark on a weekend rehearsal at a remote schoolhouse, someone spikes the punch with LSD — and some fairly interesting things occur. Some peaceful, some not so much.

"CatVideoFest 2019": A collection of cat videos culled from a variety of sources, including (and perhaps especially) YouTube.

As usual, I'll update when the area theaters finalize their bookings.