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SIFF 2019 announces award winners

Above: "Tel Aviv on Fire."

The 2019 Seattle International Film Festival ended over the weekend, and as usual it ended with an awards announcement. As fitting a festival that shows some 400 films annually, SIFF boasts a lot — say again, a lot — of awards.

Following are the 2019 Golden Space Needle Awards, which are voted on by audiences in six different categories (this year more than 82,000 votes were cast):

Best Film: "Tel Aviv on Fire," directed by Sameh Zoabi (Luxembourg/France/Israel/Belgium 2018)

Best Documentary: "We Are the Radical Monarchs," directed by Linda Goldstein Knowlton (USA 2019)

Best Director: Ulaa Salim, "Sons of Denmark" (Denmark 2019)

Best Actor: Julius Weckauf, "All About Me" (Germany 2019)

Best Actress: Damla Sönmez, "Sibel" (Turkey/France/Germany/Luxembourg 2018)

Best Short Film: "Stepdaddy," directed by Lisa Steen (USA 2019)

The entire list of SIFF award winners, which includes the juried honors, is far longer and eventually will be available here.