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The week’s openings: Spidey grows up

Horror and superheroes will be on top Friday, according to the national movie-release schedule. The top mainstream releases, both of which officially open on Wednesday, are as follows:

"Spider-Man: Far From Home": Tom Holland continues his role as the teenage Webslinger, this time while on vacation (in Europe) and without the support his mentor Iron Man. Time to become an adult.

"Midsommar": When they visit Sweden, a couple discovers that a rural festival has a more sinister, cultish side. From the same director of "Hereditary." "Wicker Man" II?

Initial word from the Magic Lantern is that three films will open on Thursday:

"The Last Black Man in San Francisco": An African-American man attempts to reclaim the house built by his grandfather. And, no, he doesn't work for Apple.

"Echo in the Canyon": Some of the most famous musicians of the 1960s relate stories about how they began playing while living in the Los Angeles neighborhood of Laurel Canyon. It was a grand time.

"Pavarotti": The life and times of Luciano Pavarotti are profiled. "La donna è mobile…"

As usual, I'll update when are theaters finalize their bookings.