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Lantern to open intriguing trio of movies

Even though mainstream theaters likely will be engaging in an "Avengers" film fest this coming Friday, Spokane's Magic Lantern Theater will continue to offer its diverse and continually intriguing slate of independent films.

Opening on Friday at the Lantern are:

"High Life": Robert Pattinson joins a cast that includes Juliette Binoche and Andre Benjamin as a man who lives with his daughter and a few others in an isolated space station. Question is, what are they doing there?

"Little Woods": Two sisters (Tessa Thompson, Lily James) struggle to make ends meet in a post-boom fracking town of Little Woods, North Dakota. Is that anywhere near, uh, Fargo?

"Her Smell": A rocker (Elizabeth Moss) past her prime attempts to clean up her act so that she can get her career back on track. Not the most attractive title, am I right?

Note: The Lantern will also open a second-run screening of "The Mustang." To hear a "Movies 101" review of the film, plus comments about "Transit" and "Ash Is Purest White," click here.

If you do drop by, say hi to the manager Jonathan.