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Spokane makes another must-visit list

Spokane is becoming … cool? Seems so. It's showing up on the occasional "best of" list that typically forces you to flip through a number of pages, thereby exposing you to the obligatory advertisers — which is the whole point anyway.

Still, it's nice to see Spokane emerging from its traditional status as something still mired in the past, even if we suspect that much of what is good about the city is likely to disappear if people start flocking here.

That's progress, eh?

You can see the latest story, which is on this MSN Lifestyle page. Go past Hana (on Maui) and the San Juan Islands and flip directly to slide No. 11 and you'll discover once of the most gorgeous photographs of Spokane (courtesy of Shutterstock) ever taken. Even Jesse Tinsley or Colin Mulvany can't make the city look that good.