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High and go seek

Where's Waldo? Probably meeting his buds at 4:20 p.m. to get stoned and go look for a fabled garden of ganja.

That's the legend of The Waldos, the California crew whose '70s high school exploits led to an unofficial national marijuana holiday on April 20.

They also inspired The Waldos' Special Ale, released annually for the occasion by Lagunitas (whose own past pot-related indescretions are commemorated in its Undercover Investigation Shut-Down Ale.)    

The golden-amber Waldos' tips the ABV scale at 11.3 percent, nudging it into triple IPA territory. It's still quite drinkable, with just a touch of syrupy sweetness and a huge hop character that lives up to the weed-like descriptions (and a long finish that coats the mouth like an intense toke).

It's being tapped at the appointed hour today at the South Hill Growler GuysThe Filling Station on 5th and Community Pint; also look for it in the regular lineup at Steady Flow Growler House, Nectar Wine and Beer, Newport Highway Growler Guys, Coeur d'Alene Growler Guys and The Viking.

Nectar and Community Pint also are pouring New Belgium's new The Hemperor hemp pale, as is the Newport Highway Growler Guys as part of a New Belgium tap takeover beginning at 5 p.m. That one has been making its debut on draft here, and should start showing up in bottles before long.