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Seattles Pike Place Market slowly reawakening

One of the more popular of Seattles tourist draws is the Pike Place Market. But as with most every other public site in the state, the market has been severely affected by the COVID-19 quarantine.

That's coming to an end, reports food and travel writer Leslie Kelly.

In her regular column for Forbes.com, Kelly — a former colleague of mine at The Spokesman-Review — writes that the market, famous for throwing fish among other activities, is slowly reopening.

"Shoppers now have wide open access to produce stalls, some restaurants doing take-out, and a few bakeries," she write. "Soon, when restrictions ease up, there will be more businesses open and likely more people. But, right now, there’s no better time to shop at this historic market, where more than 30 businesses are operating."

When you're again up for a drive across the state, maybe a market visit would be a nice diversion. If nothing else, the fish should be fresh.

Click here to access Kelly's  entire column.

Below: One view of Seattle during the COVID-19 quarantine.