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Thinking of food in this time of quarantine

Above: The Bangkok Thai restaurant on the South Hill is just one of numerous local eateries that is doing take-out business.

Here's the latest from our roving food writer, Leslie Kelly, who is living on the road with her husband, John Nelson, and doing regular reports both for The Spokesman-Review and for Forbes.com.

I worked with both Leslie and John when were all were staff writers (John was a designer and page editor, Leslie a restaurant reviewer) at The Spokesman-Review. Both John and Leslie went on to work at both the Memphis Commercial-Appeal and the Seattle Post-Intelligencer before they bought an RV and became writing nomads.

In this time of COVID-19, few if any of us will be heading south to Arizona. But when (or if) you eventually do, you might want to check out Leslie's Arizona-based suggestions.

Until then, we should all take as much advantage of our own area's take-out opportunities. The local restaurants need our support.