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During a normal week, this is the time that I would be posting Friday's movie schedule. But this is hardly a normal week.

What with all the coronavirus fears out there, which I am not discounting, the entertainment and culinary industries have been hard hit. Governor Jay Inslee took the radical step of ordering the closure of movie theaters and restaurants (except for "take-out and delivery services").

So, what to do. Well, first of all, be safe. Here is some good advice regarding that.

And always keeps in mind the best advice offered by "The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy."

As for watching stuff, I'll start going through all the streaming choices that I have made over the past several months to give you some ideas on what to do in your (growing) spare time.

Let's start with this idea: 12 Famous Museums and Galleries You Can Virtually Visit From Your Own Couch.

Not bragging or anything, but I've been to nine of them in person. When (and if) things get better, all are worth a visit.

Oh, and BTW, in the video below you'll see the actual ancient Gates of Babylon.

Below: One of my favorite museums, Berlin's The Pergamon.