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Magic Lantern to offer racially conscious film deal

On Wednesday, I wrote about how — what with everything that's going on in the U.S. since the death of George Floyd — it might be time to revisit the documentary "I Am Not Your Negro," which features the voice and thoughts of the late writer and social critic James Baldwin.

Then I received a timely press release from the Magic Lantern. Not only is the theater offering discount streaming access to "I Am Not Your Negro," but beginning today it's adding two other racially conscious films to its lineup: "Whose Streets?" and "Toni Morrison: The Pieces I Am."

Even better, the movies are being offered at a discount. As the press release stated, "Instead of the standard 72 hour transactional VOD rental, we're offering them for EST (electronic sell-through) at $6.99. Once purchased, the files never expire. We’re also offering a bundle of all three titles for $15, exclusive to virtual cinema. This pricing is good through June 30."

The links are supposed to be available through the theater beginning sometime today. All proceeds will go to the Carl Maxey Center through June 30.

"These particular films are perennial tools for engaging and educating," the press release emphasized, "so owning them in perpetuity seems to be of growing interest."