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Friday’s openings redux: Mysteries and mobsters

It appears that at least two films have been added to the list of Friday's movie openings. They are:

"The Song of Names": Tim Roth plays a middle-age man who goes looking for the boy — now, presumably man — he grew up with, a violin prodigy who disappeared on the night of what was to be his professional debut.

Critic Glenn Kenny called the film "Literate, sober, soulful."

"Detective Chinatown 3": Teamed together for the third time, the detectives Qin Feng and Tang Red (played, respectively, by the Chinese actors Liu Haoran and Wang Baoqiang) head for Tokyo to solve a major crime. The original film, released in 2015, was the ninth grossing film in China that year ($126 million). The 2018 sequel grossed $544 million worldwide.

Writing for Variety, critic Maggie Lee called the 2015 original "a carefully constructed mystery that blends screechy comedy and crazed action in high-spirited but somewhat ungainly fashion."

That's it for the moment. So go, see a movie. And enjoy.