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Friday’ openings: War, Mercy and the deep blue

Two of the last big films from 2019 — one of which won big at Sunday's Golden Globes — are set to open on Friday, according to the national movie-release schedule. Friday's movie menu should look something like this:

"1917": Not only did this film win the Golden Globe for Best Picture — Drama, but Sam Mendes won Best Director. Mendes co-wrote the script, which tells the World War I story of two British soldiers who are sent on a mission to stop a battalion of soldiers from walking into a trap.

"Just Mercy": Based on the true-life experiences of civil-rights attorney Bryan Stevenson, director and co-writer Deston Daniel Cretton tells the story of Stevenson's efforts to free a wrongly convicted death-row prisoner. Starring Michael B. Jordan and Jamie Foxx.

"Like a Boss": Rose Byrne and Tiffany Haddish play the owners of a beauty business who sell out to an entrepreneur (Salma Hayek) and live to regret the decision. Working 9 to 5 …

"Underwater": A group of scientists living deep in the ocean encounter strange beings. Oh, and they're dangerous, too (the beings, I mean, not Kristen Stewart).

As usual, I'll update when local theaters finalize their bookings.