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Final ‘Criminal’ episodes have a French feel

Today's post is basically an update of yesterday's. That's because my wife and I watched the final three episodes of the Netflix Original series "Criminal." Specifically, we watched "Criminal: France."

All 12 episodes, which were created by George Kay and Jim Field Smith, were filmed on the same Madrid, Spain, production set. My wife and I had previously watched the episodes from the U.K, Spain and Germany — each of which is rendered in its original-country language (with subtitles in English, where appropriate).

The French episodes come last in the series. And each of the three stories is unique, though they follow the same basic format of the others: someone has been called into the police station, and the team of investigators question them about their involvement in a crime.

The French suspects include a woman who may (or may not) have been at a nightclub that was the target of a terrorist attack, a woman who is overseeing a building project at which someone fell (or was thrown) from a great height, and a guy who may have been witness to a hate crime.

Similar to the other episodes, each storyline progresses with a give-and-take that leads to — in some cases, at least — an unexpected resolution. And while I can't seem to get the Netflix subtitles to work well enough (they sometimes don't translate long passages and at other times disappear before I can read them), I appreciate the acting, done as it is by a cast that I'm totally unfamiliar with.

Crime shows don't appeal to everyone. But they play well in my house. Especially when they're done so well.

Below: For those who speak French.