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See Disney’s ‘Dream Big, Princess: Tangled’ on Friday

Friday will see the continuation of the Disney "Dream Big, Princess" movie series with the opening of "Dream Big, Princess: Tangled," the studio's reworking of the classic fairly tale "Rapunzel."

Co-directed by Nathan Greno and Byron Howard, and based on an updated idea for a screenplay by Dan Fogelman, 2010's "Tangled" involves a young woman — this case a princess — who is trapped in a tower by an evil woman who covet the girl's hair, which has magical qualities.

Mandy Moore provides the girl's voice, as does Zachary Levi as the young man with whom she ultimately falls in love.

Wrote Richard Corliss for Time Magazine, "This is your basic, and very enjoyable, Disney princess musical, an empowerment tale to teach bright, dreamy girls how to grow to maturity — and outgrow the adults in charge."

So your kids, especially your young girls, should love it.