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Catch a bit of ‘Promare” on Tuesday, Wednesday

Studio Ghibli may not be the only Japanese animation studio. But boasting a range of popular features film including the 2003 Oscar winner "Spirited Away," it's probably the best known.

Now Studio Trigger has entered the animated feature film market. Developer of several television series, Studio Trigger has now released its first feature. And that feature, "Promare," will screen at 7 p.m. Tuesday (dubbed) and Wednesday (subtitled) at AMC River Park Square.

The plot of "Promare" is simple enough: Following a cataclysmic global fire, some humans battle the surviving majority with the help of a charismatic leader. But the movie explores topical themes, too, such as climate change.

As critic Carlos Aguilar wrote, "Injecting an intoxicating shot of frantic energy and sleek color directly into your pupils, the postapocalyptic sci-fi action saga 'Promare' plays like an anime-induced euphoric trip."

Who doesn't want a bit of euphoria?