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Friday’s openings: Britroyals and space mysteries

One of the most popular Public Television series in recent years makes its big-screen debut on Friday, highlighting the coming week's movie releases. According to the national schedule, Friday's openings look like this:

"Downton Abbey": The king and queen come to stay a night at Downton Abbey, and the household is thrown into turmoil. Tea and crumpets, what?

"Ad Astra": Brad Pitt plays an astronaut who is sent on a mission to figure out what happened to his father — and to possibly save the universe. Lotta space out there.

"Rambo: Last Blood": Our titular hero (played, as ever, by Sylvester Stallone) goes on one last mission of revenge. Last? Promises, promises.

As always, I'll update as the area theaters finalize their bookings.