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Friday’s openings: a little bit of everything

We're looking at another full week of fall movies this Friday, featuring everything from the latest Stephen King thriller to World War II action to a Christmas-themed rom-com. Following is the coming week's movie menu, according to the national-release schedule:

"Doctor Sleep": This sequel to "The Shining" has now-grown Dan Torrance teaming with a young girl to battle a cult that is targeting young children with supernatural powers. Ooooooooooh!

"Better Days": Two young Chinese student make a pact before taking the "gaokao," the two-day national college entrance exam that will determine their futures. The test stars … now!

"Last Christmas": A young woman prone to making bad decisions meets a hunk guy who seems too good to be true. Ah, but is he?

"Midway": Another look at the battle between Japanese and American forces that determined the outcome of the war in the Pacific during World War II. Guess who won?

"Playing With Fire": A group of kids play havoc with an intense group of firefighters. Can you pronounce farce?

And at the Magic Lantern? Well, tentatively …

"Becoming Nobody": Central to this documentary are the teachings of Richard Alpert, better known as the spiritualist Ram Dass. Tune in, turn on, drop out.

"Fantastic Fungi": Everything you ever wanted to know about fungi and their potential for healing the planet. Right after lunch.

And that's just a start. I'll update when the local theaters finalize their bookings.