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Catch a ‘Booksmart’ screening a week early

The film "Booksmart" is scheduled to open wide on May 24th. Yet at least three area theaters will be hold a special "Booksmart: Early Access Screening" this coming Friday — a whole week early.

The event, according to the respective company websites, will occur at 8 p.m. Friday at AMC River Park Square and the Regal Cinemas locations at Northtown Mall and at Coeur d'Alene's Riverstone Stadium.

"Booksmart," which was directed by the actress Olivia Wilde from a script team written by four other women, tells the story of two graduating high-school seniors who decide to go wild on their final night — something they haven't done for the previous 12 years, having spent all their free time working hard to get into the best universities they could.

Here are some critical comments:

Caryn James, BBC.com: "A female buddy film in the guise of a high-school partying movie, 'Booksmart' is endlessly funny and outrageous, yet always grounded by its realistic central relationship."

Emily Yoshida, New York Magazine: " 'Booksmart' manages to be inclusive and progressive, without being precious about anything or sacrificing an ounce of humor."

Benjamin Lee, The Guardian: " 'Booksmart' is inclusive and progressive without feeling forced and announces Wilde, an actor who hasn't always found her groove on screen, as a major director, one of the more impressive behind-the-camera transitions I have seen for a while."

This screening is, of course, for those movie fans who … just … can't … wait.