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‘Yesterday’ is getting good-enough reviews

Everyone I know who is a Beatles fan has told me they hope that Danny Boyles' new film "Yesterday" is worth seeing.

And based both on the concept and the reviews, it appears the film — which stars Himesh Patel as a man who becomes global sensation by playing Beatles music — just might be. The trick is the screenplay by Richard Curtis imagines a world that, expect for Patel's character, magically and mysteriously, has never even heard of The Beatles.

Here are a mix of reviews:

Ed Masley, Arizona Republic: "t's a fun ride that ends in a fairly predictable place with a Hollywood ending."

Brent McKnight, Seattle Times: "The specter of unrealized potential lingers over the film. But directed with Boyle's strong hand and visual flair, the result is an engaging charmer."

Mick LaSalle, San Francisco Chronicle: "The movie feels breezy and fun, even as it touches on serious issues. And then there are the songs, every one of them a gem, all of them well-performed, usually in interesting situations."

The obvious solution is to go and see the film for yourself. So … get back, Jojo.