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Friday’ openings redux: Indian magic and more

So, as usual, there are a few additions to Friday's opening-movie list. Here they are:

"The Extraordinary Journey of the Fakir": Based on the French novel "The Extraordinary Journey of the Fakir Who Got Trapped in an Ikea Wardrobe," this romantic comedy tells the story of an Indian man who undergoes an incredible journey to meet up (again) with the woman he loves. It's … magic?

And at the Magic Lantern?

"Non-Fiction": A quarter of Parisians smoke, drink, have affairs and engage in all other typically French activities, at least as they're portrayed in this Olivier Assayas film. Oh la la.

"Framing John DeLorean": The controversial man behind one of the most classic 20th-cebtury cars is profiled. Let's go back to the future.

That's the lot, it seems. Go, see a movie, and enjoy.