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Friday’s openings: Toys, spies and killer dolls

Luc Besson joins the group of filmmakers exploiting the "me, too" movement by exploring the world of a woman intelligence operative. That and two other mainstream efforts mark Friday's menu of movie openings (according to the national release schedule).

The main trio of openings is as follows:

"Anna": Besson gives us the title character, a dangerous government assassin. Oh, and of course, she's a knockout — in every sense of the word.

"Child's Play": They aren't even pretending to be doing remakes. They're just retreading the same material, this one about a murderous doll named Chucky (voiced by Mark Hamill) who just wants to, uh, play.

"Toy Story 4": Of course, some film franchises do prove delightful, as should this fourth in the series about a group of toys who face adventures and overcome obstacles — this time with a new friend named Forky. 

As always, I'll update when area theaters finalize their bookings.