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‘Pieces’ of Toni Morrison go on display Friday

So, finally, the Magic Lantern Theater will open the documentary film "Toni Morrison: The Pieces I Am" on Friday.

I say "finally" because when I read a press release last month about the film's upcoming opening, I misread the date. I thought the film was going to be featured in a special Lantern event scheduled for June 25th. And I wrote a blog post to that effect.

Actually, though, the event is scheduled for Thursday, July 25th. Totally my bad.

Anyway, "Toni Morrison: The Pieces I Am" indeed will open at the Lantern on Friday. And the special event, which will be hosted by two Gonzaga University professors — Jessica Maucione and Inga Laurent — indeed will take place on the 25th.

Anyway, here are some critical comments about the documentary itself, which was directed by Timothy Greenfield-Sanders:

Monica Castillo, RogerEbert.com: "Morrison's legacy is more than just the titles on a reading list, and this documentary will likely help many viewers see just how monumental her accomplishments remain."

Melissa Vincent, Globe and Mail: "As with Morrison's books, 'The Pieces I Am' invites multiple, maybe even piecemeal, encores, because few writers wield the capacity to leave their readers with an evolving parting message with each subsequent reread."

Alan Zilberman, Washington Post: "It doesn't matter whether you've have read all - or any - of Morrison books. Either way, you may leave the theater wanting to pick one up on the way home."

I'll post a reminder about the special screening sometime next week.