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Question: Is America’s food supply ‘Sustainable’?

Issues that affect the general populace have been the focus of a Magic Lantern-based film series titled "Meaningful Movies." Now, the theater has announced, that "for the foreseeable future" the series will change its screening time to the third Wednesday of each month.

That change will begin with the film "Sustainable," which will play at the theater beginning at 6:30 p.m Dec. 18. In keeping with past events, a post-screening "conversation" will be held.

"Sustainable," a 2016 film written and directed by Matt Wechsler, focuses on a few individuals who are facing what some see as the nation's future food crisis in unique ways.

"While many food-centric eco docs work to stir our indignation over clueless (or corrupt) lawmakers, 'Sustainable' avoids a muckraker tone even when that's what it's doing," wrote Hollywood Reporter critic John DeFore. "Rather than offer a five-minute coda where how-you-can-help optimism attempts to counter 90 minutes of gloom, the doc behaves from the outset as if it's simply encouraging a shift already in progress."

Admission to the screening, as with past Meaningful Movies events, is open to suggested donations.