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Friday’s openings: Balloons to fly, toys to buy

December seems to be starting a bit slowly movie-wise, what with only two features scheduled to open on Friday. According to the national release schedule, those movies are:

"The Aeronauts": Felicity Jones and Eddie Redmayne play a couple of adventurers who (based on a real event in 1862) take to unparalleled heights in a hot-air balloon. Starring Felicity Jones and Eddie Redmayne (teamed again the first time since 2014's "The Theory of Everything."

"Playmobil: The Movie": Following other movies based on a line of toys, this one uses the Playmobil line to tell the story of a young woman  and her younger brother who get transported (transformed) into the Playmobil world with all its challenges. Cue the musical numbers — and the villains.

As usual, I'll update when area theaters finalize their bookings.